Push Through

When life gets complicated, it’s hard to want to persevere. In a way, it feels like something inside of us dies. It can be hard to want to do anything, but today I write to you to tell you that there is life, hope, and stories to share on the other side of your hardship.

Pushing through hardship is not easy at all. Someone who knows this well is a pregnant woman about to give birth and a caterpillar. A woman has to push through to see a new life come to be, and a caterpillar has to push through to become who it was always meant to be.

It takes faith to push and trust that on the other side, there will be life. If you don’t go through this now, how will you know the end result of faith?

Whatever you are going through now, I want to encourage you to keep pushing through the unknown, the pain, the darkness, the confusion, the trials, and the fear. Have faith that choosing to continue the good fight will be worth it in the end. Before the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it finds itself in a dark place, and before a woman gives birth, the pain seems unbearable, but on the other side, they both realized that it was all worth it and there was life.

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